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How to Repair Recovered MP4 videos from SD Card

March 22nd 2024

All MP4 videos got corrupted after SD damaged

What we recovered today was 80 GB MP4 video files from a SD card used by SONY A7IV (A7 Mark 4 Camera),  the SD card cannot be read by any computers or camera, and all the footage on it are corrupted after it was recovered by data recovery software, the client have try many ways but all failed to get full data back, even by the help of local data recovery company. They recovered 80GB MP4 files, but none of them can be played. So, the client turned to us by the Internet.

Recover video from the SD by rebuilding fragment

After we analyzed 2 corrupted videos recovered by the client, we found that the data was not fully recovered due to the storage of data fragments. Data fragments make up a video file, it is not easy to recover after SD problem or data lost. What is the right way to get the videos back, has an answer, we have a perfect solution for video recovery for all SONY cameras. All you have to do is to create a copy of the SD chip and share it with us, we will recovery all good video by our powerful technology. So don’t worry, just let us know if you are facing video problems.