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How to Recover MP4 video from DAT file of Canon R6 Camera

March 22nd 2024

It got a corrupted DAT file after removing SD card

What we recover today was a corrupted DAT file from a Canon R6 Camera, the client said that he recorded videos on a SD card with camera, all but one of which are MP4 videos can be played back without any problems, the SD card was probably removed before the video was finished, now it has a DAT file in size 24 GB. The client wan to hire us to recover MP4 video from the DAT file. If you have a video like this, don’t worry, we sure have a perfect solution to convert DAT to MP4.

Repack the RAW DAT to MP4 video by video coding

The client send us the file by Dropbox, and we repaired it within 4 hours. After checking our full preview of the video, then client made a payment by PayPal and get the video.

Richard Recovery specialize in Video Repair and Video Data Recovery, we spent a lot of time on the research and development for the Video Repairing technology. For the DAT file, we support all Canon cameras, so please don’t worry, we can convert DAT to MP4 so long as it has actual size. What you need to do is to upload the file to cloud storage, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, WeTransfer, One Drive, or others you know, then send us the link to download. We will repair it and send you preview to review.

But, what if the DAT is only 0 bytes? For 0 byte file, we also have solution, but please don’t take long videos after the file, it will lower the chance to get the video back. Please contact us if you are facing a DAT file with size 0.