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How to repair DAT file to MP4 video recorded by Canon R5

March 20th 2021

How to repair DAT file recorded by Canon R5

We receive emails from camera users who ask questions like how to repair DAT file to MP4 recorded by Canon EOS R5 or other model. For something wrong happened when the video was recording, the video came out to be a DAT file which should be MP4 format. They tried a lot of ways, but failed to repair or convert the DAT file to MP4 file. So, why it is so difficult to get the video back?

DAT file is a temp file which only includes the RAW data of video, to get it opened, the indexing data is needed for the file, it is a complicated process, you need to know the video structure and monogramming if you want to do it yourself. Richard Recovery specialize in the video repair, we know how to create the indexing data for DAT file, we can help you repair the DAT file to MP4 video if you are facing DAT file issue, we support both H.264/AVC, H.265/HEVC codec.

You can directly send us the DAT file if it has a normal size. If it is a 0 KB size, please refer to the artical regarding 0 KB recovery..