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MP4 Video Recovery for SONY A7SIII(A7S3)

March 30th 2021

Lost MP4 Video File after Removing Battery

It is a SONY A7SIII (Alpha 7S III/ILCE-7SM3/A7SM3) camera, our client forgot to stop recording before removing the battery from the camera when the camera will soon run out of power after about 1 hour’s recording, the video can’t be found when try to playback on the camera, connected the memory card to computer, then same result, there is only the video before and one small video after the battery changing, the 1 hour’s video is missing, it can not be found any where. Our client have been using a lot of data recover software, but failed to get the video back.

Richard Recovery Recovered the Video by Manually Coding Recovery

Because the file doesn’t exit, how to get the video back? That’s right, to create a raw image file of the SD card, then send it to us on the Internet, no matter where you are, we can help. For this case, we instruct our client sept by sept to create the image file and send it to us. By manually analyzing and extracting raw data from the image file, we recovered the missing video by our Manually Coding Recovery service. The result is very acceptable, our client told us after watching the video preview.

Note: Please DO NOT use the same SD card if you facing any issue during the recording.