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Succeed to repair MP4 video file of SONY A7III(ILCE-7M3) Camera

February 21st 2020

Message From Client:

Hello Richard, I do have 4 corrupted media files. My video camera stopped working and it didn’t save the files entirely. I am struggling to view/play them. Those files are between 3GB and 40GB big and on a Google Drive. Can you please tell me how you work in such a case and what the costs would be?

RichardRecovery Repaired:

After checking with the client, I learned that the camera is SONY A7III (ILCE-7M3) and the video format is MP4. I got the files from Google Drive, after checking the broken files, found that the Header and Footer sections were damaged, but the video data is in good situation. To rebuild all sections for the files, all video were repaired perfectly.