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Repair HEVC/H.265 mp4 video recorded by DJI drone Mavic 2

March 3rd 2020

Message From Client:

I have a damaged video needs to be fixed, it is a MP4 in 2GB,  the video was recorded by DJI drone Mavic 2 which was not stop recording before power off. I have tried several video repair software, but none of them works for my video. I browse your website to learn you are good at the video repair, I think you should be able to fix  my corrupted video. The file was attached to my email, please let me know if you can do something for me, Thank you.

RichardRecovery Succeed to Repair:

After analyzing the raw data of file, find that the header and body section of file were there, it doesn’t have a working footer, and the header is not completed, the good news is that the video stream raw data is in good situation. With the raw data, working header and footer can be rebuilt for the MP4 file.

The next step is to get the information of video coding: HEVC/H.265. HEVC/H.265 is becoming more and more popular for video coding despite it is not easy to repair after being corrupted.  RichardRecovery keeps eyes on the video industry, focuses on the video recovery, no matter it is H.264 or H.265, mov or mp4 wrapper, as long as the broken video file has valid raw data, RichardRecovery can fix it to be played.