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Restore MP4 video from DAT file of Canon EOS 80D camera

March 4th 2020

Message From Client:

Richard, I hope you might be able to help me, I was recording my friend’s wedding this weekend with Canon EOS 80D, and during my video recording I missed the low battery sign flashing, the file saved as a large DAT file instead of MP4 video in the end. The size is 2.19 GB, so I know something is still there to be recovered. I’m attaching the file to this email, can please you take a look and let me know.

RichardRecovery Succeed to Repair:

The DAT file was recovered to MP4 by engineer of in 1 hour after receiving the email. Before client paid to us, we sent preview in low quality to client to check video length and if any glitches. For sure, we will perfectly fix the DAT file to MP4 without any issue.