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SONY FX3 Lost MP4 Video Data Recovery

August 27th 2022

SONY FX3 is a very professional camera which is used by many video studio, we had resolved a few video problems for our global clients. Let’s see some cases.

Case 1: Lost Video after Remove Battery Before Stop Recording

I was recording a video on Sony FX3, I removed the battery before hitting stop record button. The camera showed recovery options, however, I was not able to recover,not able to see files on computer as well. Could you help?

Case 2: RSV file instead of MP4 Video after Battery Die

I’m an owner of a production company and probably in need of your services. We filmed a long clip yesterday (1h20min podcast) and one of our camera’s batteries died. We just found out we have no MP4 file but an 55GB .RSV file on SD card. Can you help us restore and convert this to a usable 4K MP4 file?

Case 3: All MP4 Videos can not be Played on SD

I have broken mp4 files, can I send one to see if you can fix before ordering I need this help asap. The files size is there on the SD, but just wont play anywhere.

Our clients come from different countries, but it is not a problem. We provide professional video data recovery and repair service online, we will instruct you step by step to send us the broken video files to us and we help to repair and recover it.

Please send us message if you any problems with your files, we help a lot of client to get their video back.