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Repair convert DAT to MP4 recorded by Canon R6

August 19th 2022

DAT file created after battery issue

Camera always come to a broken file if the battery has issues, we recovered a DAT file for a wedding today, let us see what happened during the wedding. Here is the message sent from our New Zealand client.

I have a DAT file that was created after a camera battery failure at a wedding, the file is 15 GB, and it should be MP4 file. Will you be able to recover the entire video including audio? I realize it does cut off due to my camera battery running out, but I would still need both the video and audio. I tried many ways, but failed to recover it. If you can do that, I’ll be happy.

Perfectly recover MP4 from the DAT file

DAT file is the temp data format if the camera is Canon, we spent a lot of time to analysis and research on Canon DAT files, and we developed a powerful skill to recover DAT file. We know how to convert it to MP4 video format without any lose, to keep all video and audio synced and without any glitches, no matter it is H.264(AVC) or H.265(HEVC) codec. For this case, we asked the client to send us the file and we return back a perfect MP4 video.