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Repair WAV Audio File by Rebuilding Data Fragment

September 2nd 2022

WAV Audio Was Broken after Formatting SD card

Let’s see how our global client say on the case.

I have multiple recovered WAV files from formatted SD card. I recovered them but the sounds is awful and not usable. I could not recover the audio off it using multiple software packages designed to recover files. I even took it a specialist data forensics store here and they could not do anything.

Would you be able to fix it? I’m also looking for a specific audio from those recovered but not sure which one there as I can’t listen to them.

Rebuild Data Fragment to Recover the Audio File

We looked at the broken files, 4 tracks of audio are mixed, what we need to do is separate data fragments for every track then rebuild each audio track by all fragment data. As we know there is no software can recover this kind of case, but Richard Recovery can do it. Please send us message if you are facing the problem.