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SONY A7S3 RSV Repair MP4 Video Recovery

December 26th 2020

Video Recovery Request for SONY A7S3 from A Client

I have a 28GB 4k corrupt video, now it is in SRV format which is probably unfinished. I think the problem was that the camera was shut off before the recording stopped. My camera is SONY A7S3, I am uploading the file to One Drive right now. I will send it as soon as its uploaded. Please let me know if its fixable.

We Manually Recovered the RSV to MP4 in The Original Quality

To get the broken RSV file from OneDrive, We analyzed the data code and  structure, confirmed that the camera has save all the raw data of video and audio, but it was not finalized to be a MP4 format, and found something new on the SONY A7S3, the code is a bit difference from the older model. To rewrite our fixing program and recover the corrupted RSV file, it was fully repaired to MP4 format in the original quality without any issue, it keeps synced perfectly, no any glitches.

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