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Repair corrupted Video recorded by GoPro

January 4th 2021

Let’s see what we repaired today, it is a corrupted video recorded by GoPro Camera. Here is what our client told us:

I have a short MP4 video file that was recorded in low light and is pixelating, out of synch with audio and seems to be playing in slow motion. I have tried to repair through VLC and had some success with the picture but then the audio is out of synch. I think you should be able to fix it pretty easily. If it works out ok I have three other clips for potential future work. If you could fix it so the video plays smoothly and even lighten it slightly would be awesome. Take a look and let me know if you can help.

Check the sample corrupted video, we confirmed that the raw video and audio stream data are healthy, but the MP4 box data is damaged, looks like the it was caused by faulty SD card or transfering issue. Rebuilding the index data to make the file playing smoothly and synch, the slow motion and unsynched issue were resloved.