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Repair Corrupted video recorded by OBS studio

December 2nd 2020

OBS(Open Broadcaster Software) studio, Free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. Let’s see what we repair today.

This is a recovery request from our client

I have been recording a video today in MP4 format but ran out of disk space and the file has corrupted. I’ve tried VLC players convert/save feature but is only generating a 1kb file of nothing. I tried using a software to do it but they are charging a yearly subscription and the preview of the video still looked corrupted but has gone from a black screen with only audio to still frames and corrupted audio. So this leads me to believe that the footage is salvageable. The file is about 28gb of 1080 60fps footage from OBS. Do you think you could fix it?

Richard Recovery can recover the corrupted video recorded by software

On this case, the software is OBS studio, a wonderful software, the size is 28 GB, means it has data to be repaired, and the most important thing, it was recorded in a fixed frame rates 60fps, that means it sure can be repaired without any async issue. We have repaired OBS video files before. so we can fix the interrupted video without any problem this time.