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Recover MOV From DAT file(CANON EOS 5D IV)

January 19th 2020

Message From Client:

Glad I found your video recovery website. We are a passionate videographer from Germany. We never had issues with our cameras…until 4 days ago when we came back from a shoot with our brand new CANON EOS 5D4 we never had problems with. We did our backup procedure, we found a DAT file (the size is 3.9GB) instead of MOV, it cannot be played on any Video player since it is unfinished MOV file. Would you please let me know how much your service is to get back my MOV video? I am happy to pay. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Succeed To Repair:

DAT file is the UN-finalized MOV or MP4 video of CANON camera, it happens while something wrong during the video recording, for example: accidentally interrupted, power failure, no response, drop down,  or other reason. The DAT file is unreadable, To recover MOV or MP4 video from DAT file, SIMPLY send your file to me, I can do a manually work to make sure the video is fully recovered. For 3.9GB, there are a lot of fast and free tool to send it, for example, Google Drive, Dropbox, Mega…