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Recover MOV video from MDT file (PANASOINC GH5s)

January 14th 2020

Message From Client:

My file was broken, maybe I need your help. My camera is Panasonic Lumix GH5s and the battery runs out suddenly. Now, the file is .mdt with 28 GB, and I couldn’t recover it with any tools. The data format should be MOV with 4K, 4:2:2, fps=23.976. Can you recover this? If you can, please tell me how much the cost.

Succeed To Repair:

MDT file is the un-finalized MOV or MP4 video of Panasonic camera, it happens while something wrong during the recording, for example: power failure, accidentally interrupted, no response or other reason. To recover MOV or MP4 video from MDT file, I can do a manually work to make sure the video is fully recovered. For 28 GB, no worry, there are a lot of fast and free tool to send it, I suggest the client to send it with the tool, then download it to recover, the preview was provided before the PayPal transaction, and the recovery was finished within 24 hours.