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Fix MOV Video file for Panasonic G85 with SD Card

March 5th 2020

Message From Client

I recently deleted my videos on my camera, and I have recovered the MOV files after using a data recovery software, but the files are not working even though it said its “No overwritten clusters detected” but the files aren’t working. They can’t be played by Media Players, I have tried many players. Are you able to fix this file? Also if the files doesnt get fixed do I still have to pay you?

RichardRecovery Get MOV Fixed

First of all, we don’t charge if we can’t fix your files. No worry, we DO have solution for your data problem if NO overwritten.

we resolved the issue The client had 20 files in total 16GB, checked all the files, found that they were not recovered well, but all the video data were in there, to rebuild header and footer for the MOV video files, they were fixed.