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September 6th 2020

MOV video files were deleted on SD used by Canon

This is an issue with deleted MOV files. The SD card has been formatted and used for video recording by the camera Canon 5D3. The SD card is 64GB in capacity, our client have tried to recover the files from the SD card and have got 42 GB of the MOV files back on SSD. Unfortunately only 7 MOV files are readable and rest does not show a picture and has only distorted audio. The SD has not been written files after the issue. So now our client has the “empty” SD Card and the 42 GB “recovered” files on a SSD. our client asked us How do we start from here?

Analyze the recovered files and rebuild fragment for MOV files

For this case, we suggested the client to send us one file to have a data analysis, to check the “recovered” file, we found that due to the data fragment issue, the “recovered” file can’t be played. After we checked the other file, the same problem, we tried to rebuild fragment for the files and it works well. So, we ask the user to send us all the 42 GB “recovered” files to rebuild all the data fragment, the problem resolved.