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Recover mp4 Video file from SD card of GoPro

September 12th 2020

MP4 files were Deleted on SD card

We received an email from our client:

I had MP4 video files on an SD card but I thought I had deleted the contents of the SD card. However, I was able to recover the files but when I recovered them there was no longer any audio or video. I have tried playing them in several different programs (VLC, windows media player, quicktime, etc.)  Now, I have 64 MP4 files all of which are corrupted, when I try to play them there is no audio or video but I can see the time counter moving as if it is playing. These files range in size from 4 MB to 1700 MB, I would like to have all of them recovered.

To rebuild video data fragment to recover the MP4 files

We learn more information for the problem, there was no any new files were written to the SD card, the the camera model is GoPro Hero 8. We analyzed the recovered video client send us, there are a lot of junk, to directly repair it, the result is not good. So, we explained to our client and suggest the best solution for the problem, to create the image for the SD card and send the image file to us. We recover all MP4 files by rebuilding data fragment.

Warning: Please DO NOT use the SD card until you get your working video back.