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Audio Data Recovery for Zoom H6 recorder

August 28th 2020

Audio has playback issue after recovered from SD

WAV audio files have been recovered from a Zoom H6 recorder, the SD card hasn’t been recorded over after formatted, the file size is the same as they were, but they have repeated moments of static/noise throughout the files, is it repairable?

Resolve it in more professional way by Richard Recovery

This issue happens after you lost audio file on Zoom H6 recorder, it is because of the data fragments which can’t be correctly recovered by data recovery software. It doesn’t help if you just send us the broken files.

To restore it, Richard Recovery got the IMAGE file of the SD, then our engineer proceeded to manually analyze the raw data of the SD, collected the valid audio data to rebuild them into the target audio file.

The process costs a lot of steps and time, if are facing this kind of problem, please let us know, we will instruct you step by step. Warning: To get you file back, please don’t use the SD to recorder any new audio or save any data on it.