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Repair Video and Audio files corrupted on Hard Drive

February 13th 2023

Case regarding video and audio files corrupted on Hard Drive, a client wrote to us for help with recovering corrupted MOV and WAV file. He really don’t know what happened….it was just in a folder on hard drive…..and then one day there were several corrupted video and audio files. He have found a program that fixes the video……but it can’t seem to fix the files well, It’s very important for client’s work.

Question 1, it is repairable for video and audio files corrupted on Hard Drive?

No sure until checking the file by our professional data analysis program, so, we asked the client to send us some files to check.
You can share it by free Google Drive if your files are smaller than 15 GB, you need to pay for more storage if files are larger.
For the case, we checked and confirmed that the files can be repaired.

Question 2, will it be original quality on resolution?

Sure, we will repack all raw code and rebuild indexing data for the corrupted video and audio file to make it playable without losing quality. Full preview will be provided by for making payment.
Please contact us if you are facing issue the same or similar as this case, we will be glad to answer your questions.