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Solution for corrupted video after formatted SD card

January 12th 2023

Video was lost after formatted

Here is the case, the client sent us message, I have formatted SD card that recovered video files from, and they cannot be played, so I am guessing they need to be repaired. Is this something you can help with? By the way, I was using the card in a Panasonic S1, it came up on the camera SD Card error, and card is not physically damaged, I have around 120 GB of footage, I have sent my SD card to a local company and they could not repair the files. Do you think you can recover them?

The best solution to recover video file

Richard Recovery is very good at the video recovery, for the case, we check the broken files client send us, they have problem on the data which cannot be repaired directly, the solution is to recover it by our professional video recovery skill. But how? Because client is in another country, now worries, we will instruct you step by step in very simple way to get it recovered. We will recover all videos and provide previews before you pay us.