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Repair RSV to MP4 Video With 4 Tracks Audio SONY FX3

February 21st 2023

Description of the problem

It is RSV file which was recorded on a Sony FX3, a quick change of memory card caused the thing, instead of MP4 the corrupted file format has the RSV extension. The file is 35GB, 1 hour and 30 minutes, the footage can not opened. The client tried to repair the clip himself, but he failed. The client want to make sure the following things to begin the work.

Question 1, Do you recover only video or full file with audio?

It was been recording using microphone connected to camera and I need all tracks of sound from that file.
The answer is YES, we can not only get the video back but the audio too, no matter how many tracks, we can recover all of them.

Question 2, Does the recovered file have the same properties (quality, resolution etc.) as if it was saved properly?

Sure YES, we recover RSV to MP4 with it’s original quality, we don’t lower resolution and bitrate.

Question 3, Do you provide some sort of warranty for that recovery?

Sure YES, we will repair it first before you pay us, and full preview will be provided for your review. No risk and No worries.

Please contact us if you are facing issue the same or similar as this case, we will be glad to answer your questions.