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Repair MDT to MOV Video For Panasonic CX350

February 23rd 2023

Message from our worldwide client

I have a 33Gig corrupt MDT file from my Panasonic CX350 Camcorder, normally I would get a MOV file instead I have a MDT File, because I forgot to turn the camera off and it kept recording until the battery died.

Here is the questions from the client,

Can you convert the MDT file to MOV in original resolution?

YES we can. We can recover MDT file recorded by all Panasonic camera, no matter it is 720P, 1080P or 4K, H.264(AVC) or H.265(HEVC), the repaired video will be same quality as the other video.

Can the video be imported to Editing software?

YES no problem. The repaired video can be imported to Adobe Premier, Edius, FCPX etc.

Can you provide clip for testing before payment?

Sure OK, we will send you clip in original and full preview in low resolution for your review.

For the case, our client share it with us by Dropbox, and we resolved it and deliver within one day.