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Repair Deleted MTS Video mixed fragment problem

April 15th 2021

MTS format video file, recorded by Panasonic or Sony camera, you may find that it is easy to recover from SD memory card or the internal disk of the camera if videos was formatted or deleted. But, you may find one or more problems on the recovered videos, mostly like the following issues:

1. Pictures are in chaos: one MTS video file includes different scenes recorded on different dates.

2. Video duration is wrong: MTS video is in small size, but it shows a long duration time.

3. Unable to open: MTS video cannot be played or cannot be imported into editing software.

Why these happens?

There two reason for these issues.

One is data overwritten. If you want to recover old videos but it show new videos, it must be data overwritten. For example, you deleted some videos, then you recorded some new videos later.

The other one is data fragment. If you did not recorded any new video, it must be video data fragmentation. For example, the recovered old videos were mixed in disorder.

How to repair the broken MTS video?

For data overwritten, we need to check the code on the memory card to extract the un-written code and recover video.

For data fragment, we have a solution called fragment rebuild, based on the MTS fragmentation recovery skill developed by Richard Recovery, we have perfectly solved a lot MTS video problem over the years. If you are facing MTS video issue, please contact us at: or, we will serve you online for video file issue.