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Restore unfinalized MP4 or MXF video without XML file

April 27th 2021

2 Cases from Our Daily Work

Case 1: A corrupted MP4 video recorded by SONY a7 Camera

The MP4 file was corrupted during a sudden power failure for the Sony a7m3 during the filming of a school play, the file has size in 5 GB, but it cannot be opened or imported to any editing software. Look the others, all has an xml file, except the broken one.

Case 2: A damaged MXF video recorded by SONY FS7 Camera

The SONY FS7 camera got incomplete recordings so the MXF file isn’t finalized. The damaged MXF video is unplayable or editable, it is a 30 GB which should be a 1 hour’s video, the same thing, good video has an xml file with the same name, but the bad file doesn’t.

Recover Unfinalized MP4 or MXF Video Without XML File

XML file is generated after the video was recorded successfully, if the recording was interrupted unexpectedly, for example, battery dead, camera crash, pull out the card before power off, etc., it only have a MP4 or MXF file without an xml file, because the video was not finalized.

So, we know the reason, then, we need to finalize the video. How? We have done a lot of research on video and have a solution for restoring the damaged video without xml file. You don’t need to learn professional knowledge of the video, just simply send us your file, Richard Recovery will take care of it, and we will help to repair the broken video in the original quality.