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Recover MP4 video with sound track of external Microphone (SONY EX280)

January 14th 2021

We repaired a damaged MP4 video today, it was recorded by SONY PMW-EX280 which supports 4 tracks of audio and external microphone. The video was recorded with external microphone to get high quality of audio. The client changed the battery without stopping the recording, so, it came to a damaged MP4 video in 3 GB.

For MP4 recorded by SONY PMW-EX280, you may found it can be easily repaired to be played by software, but, the result is not good, you will see some glitches, bad frames, lost sound track and asynch issue. Richard Recovery can do something different, we can manually recover the MP4 without any glitches, the repaired video will be the same as the other healthy videos, no bad frames, keeps all sound track, no need to worry about the tracks of audio recorded by external microphone, we can recover it back.

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