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Repair WAV Audio File for ZOOM F6

August 19th 2022

Audio files are corrupted after data recovery

The recording device is ZOOM F6, the one of the most professional recording device, our client had issue with the audio file recorded by the device ZOOM F6, let us see what happened to the files. This is the message sent from our global client.

I managed to recover those 2 files as well, they open, however, the audio/content itself is completely crazy. It was supposed to be 2 different files, one for each mic. However, as you can see both files has the same content and they merged both mics in one, but there is an echo. The original conversation has 1:42, but as this audio has an echo and keeps repeating every word, that is why even though it is a 1h42 file, it is missing a big part of the conversation. My concern is that you will be able to recover this very same broken files


To repair the audio file by rebuilding data fragment

To analyze the data on the SD card, we can see that the 2 audio files were not save in continuous space, they were save in data fragments. To repair the audio, we extract all fragments from the SD card for each files, then rebuild the audio file from the fragments.

By doing so, we succeeded to repair the full audios without any lose.