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Repair broken MOV video in ProRes codec

January 26th 2021

It is a MOV video file, the video was recorded for an event, since it was a very long performance and the client didn’t want one MASSIVE file, so the recording was stopped a few times. The other 3 clips are OK, but for the last file, it cannot be opened. Looking at the properties it doesn’t say said file is tiny and like 4kb or something, moreover, it says the file is the proper size (about 40GB). All the other files will open except this one. Looks like it was not stop properly to finalize the Video.

We check the codec of a sample file, it is not the usual H.264 or H.265, and it is in ProRes codec, you may found that it is not easy to get support for repairing the corrupted ProRes video. The good news is that Richard Recovery provides the recovery service for MOV video in ProRes codec. We MANUALLY analyzed the video and repair it with the best result.