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FUJIFILM X-T4 MOV Video Repair Recovery

February 8th 2021

A truncated MOV video recorded by FUJIFILM X-T4 camera

It is a truncated MOV video recorded by FUJIFILM X-T4 camera, the recording got interrupted during a wedding ceremony, and the file was not finalized. It was saved as a .mov file (18GB), but it cannot be opened. The X-T4 camera user told us the issue and asked for help on the recovery for the corrupted MOV video file.

We got the file from the Internet, it shows that the video was recorded with FUJIFILM X-T4 in HEVC(H.265) format, Bit Rate is 200MB/S, the resolution is 3840×2160, and the audio was recorded in LPCM format. We repaired it with the original quality in a few hours and returned it to the user.

So, NO WORRY, Richard Recovery can save your broken video file if your video has the same issue like this case.