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Recover Panasonic MDT to MOV without choppy and stuttering

October 29th 2021

Panasonic G7 video repair

Panasonic MOV becomes MDT due to Battery problem

Two MDT files to be repaired, they were filming by Panasonic G7, camera battery had problems during the recording of a wedding, it shows MDT files  instead of MOV video. One file is 60Gb and the other 6Gb. Client has tried to recover it and it it plays back, but it is choppy and stuttering, Not usable in edit. Client send us the link of the files to find a better solution the the MDT file recovery.

Perfect recovery for the MDT file

We manually checked the MDT files and recover it using our professional fixing program to rebuild header for all frames of the MOV videos, as a perfect result, the MOV video can be played smoothly without any glitches, the same quality as the other videos.