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Recover 0 Byte DAT to MP4 Video footage

November 23rd 2021

Lost footage after battery power issue

It was wondering, our client use Canon EOSR as master shot to record the wedding, before he stopped the recording, battery power source was die resulting in a 0 byte DAT file. This is really bad issue, but good news is that NOTHING had been recorded to the SD card to overwrite the data after the incident. Our client have tried a lot of programs but no luck to get the video recovered, so he send us message to get our professional recovery service.

Richard Recovery recover the DAT video footage

0 bytes file is a empty file which does not have any code to be repaired directly, how to get it back?

We got an image file of the SD and successfully recover the lost footage in professional skill, the recovered video is 8GB in MP4 format. The key point is the most important thing is that the data was not overwritten, please don’t use the SD card to record any new video after any issue happen during the recording, to avoid data overwritten, to replace a new card for the next recording.