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Fuji XT3 SD Card Video Data Recovery

October 13th 2021

Lost video after battery died

Video was recording on a Fuji XT3 camera, and the battery died while recording a wedding. It looks like the SD card saved the video recording, it didn’t save it correctly, the video was lost. There are 3 .bz2 files that were recovered from the card, but they are not able to be opened, they are several gigs each, so it’s possible those are the corrupted video files, our client told us. Is this something we can do on the case? 

We save the video by data extracting from the SD

.bz2 is not the data of a video, as we know, .MOV is right format recorded by Fuji XT3 camera, but our client found the big MOV file on the SD card. We learn from our client, the losing video is about 20 minutes, and, he didn’t record long video after the video. So, the best solution for the case is extracting data from the SD card to recover the video.

How to do that for our global client? No worries, you do not need to send us the physical card. we guided the client step by step, and the video was recovered in one day. We have experience on video data recovery, please don’t hesitate to let us know if you are facing any video issue.