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Succeed to Recover MXF from RSV file (SONY PXW-FS7)

January 14th 2020

Recover MXF from RSV file

Message From Client:

My Sony PXW-FS7 camera crashed while recording yesterday.  The camera would not even turn off, so I eventually had to remove the battery to restart the camera. I had been recording for around 15-20minutes, but the MXF video clip did not save. It only shows a 10 GB .RSV file which I am not able to view. I’ve uploaded the .RSV to google drive. I’m keen to recover this video so please let me know what is possible and how much it might cost.

Succeed To Repair:

RSV file is the un-finalized MXF video, it happens while something wrong during the recording, for example: power failure, accidentally interrupted, no response or device crash. I can manually recover MXF video from the RSV file. I download the 10 GB, and make sure the file can be repaired with 100%. To provide the preview, the client is satisfied for my work.