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Recover 0 Bytes DAT recorded by Canon 5D4

April 8th 2020

Recover 0 Bytes DAT

Video File Problem of Canon Camera

Canon 5D4 camera lost power during video shooting, one file, in DAT format, it shows 0 KB in size on the memory card, cannot find the MOV video file. The video is very important, user comes to us, wants to restore the 15 minutes’ video before the power failure.

Recover the 0 Bytes DAT file

We get another message from the user, he didn’t record new video after the issue. This is very very important for the recovery of 0 Bytes DAT file. In this case, we guide the user to create the image file of the SD card and send it to us. We manually exact MOV video data from Image file and restore it to a playable MOV video. This DAT issue is resolved.

By the way, if your card is big, we can also provide remote support to extract the key data for recovery.