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SONY Z-150 RSV/MXF Video Datarecovery

April 15th 2020

Message From Client:

Hi, Richard Recovery, Good night, I have a Sony Z-150 camera. I have a problem with a file in the sdxc card. The normal file extension is .mxf, but this file now is .rsv with size 18GB. I will want ask you, can you help me to repair this .rsv file to .mxf.

How To Recover the RSV to MXF:

For the RSV file issue, we can find any software for you. All you have to do is send us the file, we will manually repair it for you.

From uploading, downloading, repairing, and uploading, it took only one day for the 18GB video file recovery process. SURE the repaired MXF video keeps all video and audio streams synced and in the original quality.

If you have big video file to be repaired, you can upload it first, then let us know, we provides the best price and quality.