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Repair corrupted MOV video file recorded by iPhone 11

April 5th 2020

MOV Video problem from iPhone user

Hello, I recorded a video and my phone, I don’t know why it get corrupted. I have used some video Repair tools to repair it but failed. I am looking for someone who can help me to repair the MOV video file? By the way, My phone is iPhone 11 and the video file is 3.8GB.

Repaired by RichardRecovery

We downloaded the damaged video shared by the user, and found that codec of this video is H.265/HEVC. The new iPhone supports H.265 / HEVC video codec, which provides better quality and smaller size. However, the difficulty of repairing video is increased. But no worry, engineer of RichardRecovery specialize on video repairing, we keep eyes on the developing of video technology. The corrupted MOV file was repaired by our engineer with the best result, it keeps the original quality and synced for audio and video stream.