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Panasonic MDT to MP4 Video File Repair Service

July 4th 2023

MP4 video become MDT file

Here is the message we received from client. I have an MDT file that I need repair service, could you kindly help. I was recording a dance recital last night when my battery came loose from the camera. I have a single 50GB MDT file that I need recovered; the video should be MP4 format. Would you mind checking the file out and giving me a quote if you think you can fix it? It was uploaded on Dropbox. By the way, the camera is Panasonic LUMIX S5M2 (S5II).

Perfectly Repair MDT file to MP4 Video

For this case, sure the answer is YES. We support the latest Panasonic camera and video code, you just need to send us the file, we will recover it for you within hours. Richard Recovery has been working on video repair for clients worldwide for more than 10 years, we are good at repair MDT file to MP4 or MOV video. How about the quality? No worries, we recover perfect reasult in its original quality without any lose or glitches.