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How to Fix Canon Camera DAT to MP4 Video

September 7th 2023

A MP4 Video Became DAT on SD Card

We help a global client to fix a corrupt .DAT video file today. It’s from a long interview filmed in 4k on the Canon R5 camera, the file is 48GB, so it makes our client think the data is fine, the client wrote us to looking for an expertise  indexing service. 

To Fix DAT File to MP4 Video

We downloaded the .dat file from Dropbox and got it fixed within one day. The video is H.265(HEVC) codec and WAV audio, our client looked around and failed to get it fixed, we used our professional skill to resolved the tough issue.

We can restore any Canon .dat to MP4 or MOV video as long as it has a right size. For some cases the file has 0 bytes, we also provide solution for the problem, but, to avoid losing data, please replace the SD for new recording after any error during recording.