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WAV Audio File Data Recovery for Zoom F8 SD Card

June 27th 2023

Audio file was lost due to Card Reader Problem

We recovered audio files today. The client recorded a concert via Zoom F8 on a SD card, everything worked very well during the recording, but bad thing happened, there was a problem with the card reader and SD card lost audio data when trying to export the audio file. How to get the WAV audio file back?

We Recovered the WAV audio file by Image Solution

As we know, Zoom audio file is saved in fragments on the SD, it require very professional recovery skill to get it back.Richard Recovery can recover it for you. We don’t need to control your computer and you don’t need to send us the SD card. We provide Image Solution for the SD card Data Recovery.

We instructed the client to create an Image file of the SD, and then send us the Image file by Google Drive. We downloaded the Image file and recovered WAV audio file within one day.

Please send us message if you are facing audio file problem, we are good at video and audio file repair and recovery.