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Best Solution for corrupted MP4 video due to recording issue on SONY camera

September 15th 2021

MP4 video was corrupted after replacing battery

Today, we have a case which comes from a client of video forum, he has a problem with SONY a6400 camera during a wedding, the battery was going to 0% so it turned off, after replacing the battery it gave a warning to repair and he pressed cancel. However, he recorded another clip, he only found the two other clips but not the one that it was filming before when looking back. By checking the card on computer, the one is there but it can not be played back, any player doesn’t recognize the file although it is a MP4 file in size of 13 GB!

The best solution for corrupted MP4 video file

Our client told us the clip must be recovered for the wedding, the video is the most important scene, it was also the one with the good audio because he connected audio receiver on that camera. For this case, we provided a manually recovery solution for the MP4 video file, we asked the client to send us the corrupted file by Google Drive which give us 15GB free storage and fast speed worldwide, we got the file and recovered it, and make sure all frames are recovered for the smoothly play back.

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