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Successful on video data recovery for DJI Action camera

April 26th 2024

Video was corrupted after SD card got broken

First, let’s see what our client said. I was on vacation and had water get in my DJI Action camera. The SD card was no longer recognized, I was able to use software to recover the files. But, I can’t get the videos to play, and I have tried a couple of software, it was able to get it to play but with artifacts and large glitches, still unusable. Is this something you can help with?  

Manually Recover video from SD card

We support this issue without any problems, and it was resolved within one day, all the videos were recovered and play without any glitches.

For some cases, like SD broken, SD formatted or video deleted, it is not easy to be successfully recovered by any data recovery software or local data recovery center, provides workable solution for this issue. You dont need to deliver the SD to us, what you need to do is to simply create an raw image file of the card and upload it to us, we have all the steps and storage space, please let us know if you are facing issue like this.