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SONY A7S3 Video File Lost After SD Error

April 9th 2022

Lost File Suddenly During File Importing

Hi there! I imported video files off of the card and most of the files worked except some files. I went back to the card to try and re-import and the files aren’t on the card anymore. They just vanished, but I have the files on my hard drive, they just aren’t working. The camera is SONY A7S3(A7SIII), could you help to fix the broken file, or, is it possible to recover it from the SD card?

This massage came from one of our worldwide clients.

Recover MP4 files from SD Card

First, we downloaded the broken files from client’s sharing to check, except the first file can be repaired, the others are all invalid code. It means repairing is not the solution to get video back. How can it be recovered? The good news is that the card hasn’t been overwritten, to recover data from the card by our professional way, the data problem was Solved.

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