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Fix MOV video recorded by ATOMOS Device

April 2nd 2022

A Corrupted ATOMOS MOV Video File

As a result of the camera power being cut while recording, the SSD drive has an MOV video file in size 46GB, which can not be played. The device is ATOMOS Ninja recorder, the codec is ProRes RAW. Tried many solution, but does not work.

Richard Recovery Repair ATOMOS MOV File

ATOMOS is very good at ProRes RAW codec, the codec is very different from H.264 or H.265. Richard Recovery supports all common video codec, including ProRres. We got it from could drive and repaired the 46GB MOV file, it plays well without any issue.

We are expert in video recovery, we almost support all recording device, including ATOMOS recorder. Feel free to let us know if you are facing any issue on your ATOMOS video files. Please split huge file to small volume archives to upload if your file is very big.