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Restore MP4 video from MDT file of Camera Panasonic GH5

March 20th 2020

Message from client:

Hello there, I hope all is well! I would like to ask for your assistance in potentially repairing a MDT file (it shoul be .MP4). It seems as the data is there as it’s a 3GB file, however neither the camera (Panasonic Lumix GH5) on which it was shot or my computer can open it. Some additional details: I have not tried to do anything with the files my self. I only shot them yesterday on the camera, and they weren’t even opening on the camera playback feature. I got home to try to open files from the SD card on my computer, and same problem. Let me know if this is something you’d be willing to look into and I can send over the drive link to download. If you’re able to fix it I can definitely Pay for your great service!

Succeed to Repair:

As long as the MDT file is not 0 bytes, it sure can be recovered. We specialize on the video recovery for digital camera, for Panasonic camera, the video comes to a MDT file if the recording is interrupted or is not saved properly. We can are good at repairing video file in coding way. After our work, the repaired video is in the same quality as it should be, it can be played smoothly and sync for audio and video.