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Repair corrupted WAV audio file recorded by Tascam

March 17th 2020

Message From Client

I have a broken audio file from Tascam recorder. I lost it after I plugged out the recorder of power while it was recording. I have recovered the audio files but its corrupted. So it plays with 1 second of normal sound and then the next second is the same sound but echoed. I mean it has 1 second of clean audio and the next second is repeated in echo. Can this audio be repaired and what would it cost? Please let me know.

Richard Recovered It

This is the typical data fragment issue. The audio recorder save the data in pieces (fragments) which are not one by one, the recorder uses a chain list to save the order of all pieces, if the file was lost, the list was gone too. Most of the data recovery software cannot get the correct order of all fragments of the file, so it is not play well. But RichardRecovery know how to repair the file in the right way. After our professional recovery service, the file is back, it plays well as it should be.