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Insta360 Broken INSV Video Recovery Service

February 11th 2022

Recording issue Causes INSV Video Corrupted

We recently repaired a special type of video, the extension is INSV, not MP4, an INSV video file recorded by the Insta360 camera, the video was damaged due to a problem with the recording. The file size is 30GB, the video duration is 40 minutes, the video resolution is 4K.

Richard Recovery Repair broken INSV Video

Because this video is not MP4 or MOV, but INSV, if we use the MP4 recovery skill, the file can be played, but big problem is that when importing into the camera software Insta360 Studio, the 360 effect cannot be displayed. So, we need to analyze and resolve the 360 playback issue. After our advanced processing by special coding, finally, the video is played back with Insta360 Studio in 360 effect, and the problem was successfully resolved.

We specialize in video repair, we support all type of camera, including special video format link INSV, feel free to let us know if you are facing any issue on your video files, we will be glad to help.