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How to Recover Corrupted SONY MP4 Video with 0 byte

October 23rd 2023

MP4 video files became zero byte

This is a typical case. John recorded video on C-fast memory card on SONY A7M4, it had no problem during video recording, but when he connect the SD into computer, some videos became broken, the weight is zero byte. he didn’t format or rewrite the SD. He came to our website and learned that we can help on the case.

Recover SONY MP4 video By RichardRecovery is very professional on SONY video data recovery. For the case, zero byte file doesn’t have any code inside, so it doesn’t make any sense to send us the 0 byte file. How to resolve the issue? We instructed John to create raw image of the SD, then send the raw image file to us for video data recovery. We downloaded it and recovered all the videos by our special recovery technology, we send all preview videos with watermark for review before making payment.

Please don’t worry if you are facing any SONY video problem, for example, formatted on computer, deleted, lost or corrupted due to battery issue, MP4 became RSV, etc,. can help to repair or recover your videos.