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How to Convert RSV to MXF for SONY FX6 Camera

November 20th 2023

It got a corrupted RSV file after Camera Lost Power

What we convert today is 2 corrupted RSV files from a SONY FX6 camera. The client told us camera lost power during the take, it was a documentary shoot, now it has two separate files which are corrupted RSV files, one file is about 30GB , the other is about 60GB, the RSV files needs to be converted to MXF video, the most important thing is all the 4 audio tracks must be recovered. Please don’t worry if you are facing this issue, Richard Recovery can help you to covert RSV to MXF and keep all audio tracks.

Repack the RAW RSV to MXF video by Coding

With 10+ years of experience, Richard Recovery is very good at Video Converting and Video Repacking, we have helped a lot of global clients to resolve video problem. We support all SONY camera, so please don’t worry about it if you still can not find a solution for your corrupted video.

So, we sure can convert the RSV to MXF video. What you need to do is to upload the file to cloud storage, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, WeTransfer, Mega, One Drive, or others you know, then send us the link to download. We will repair it and send you preview to review.

For this case, we repacked the raw RSV to MXF file, and it plays perfectly with 4 tracks’ audio, no any glitches.