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How to Recover 0kb DAT to MP4 for Canon Camera

May 19th 2023

It got a corrupted DAT file after Camera Error

I have a .DAT file that needs to be recovered from Canon R6MII camera. The file is showing 0kb, is it still possible to recover this? This is the first message we received from client. We asked more information, there was only one 8-second video file recorded after, the size is 61.7MB. The missing video is roughly around 12 and half minutes long. This is a real good news for the video recovery.

Canon 0 bytes DAT file Video Data Recovery

Recover the MP4 video by data extracting

For 0kb, there is no chance to repair it directly, because 0kb file has nothing, it is an empty file. How to recover the video? We have solution for 0kb, but it can only be done under non-data-overwritten.

For the case, only 8 seconds’ video was shot after the issue, it is shorter than the missing video, it was not overwritten. We extract the data online and get the video recovered.

Tips For Canon Camera User

To avoid data overwritten, please replace the SD card for the next recording after camera error if your camera is Canon. So, please prepare more SD cards for important recording, it is very important.