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How to Convert DAT to MP4 for CANON Camera

April 3rd 2023

It got a corrupted DAT file after Camera Lost Power

What we convert today is a corrupted DAT file from a Canon camera, the client messaged us that the camera lost power during recording, it got an 21GB DAT file which needed to be converted to MP4 with audio, it must be the original quality. How to Convert DAT to MP4 for CANON Camera? No worried, we sure have a solution to convert DAT to MP4.

Repack the DAT to Convert it to MP4 video

CANON DAT file is the RAW file of MP4, it happens when there is something wrong during recording. We can convert any DAT file to MP4, all you need to do is sending us the DAT file, we will repack the raw DAT to playable MP4 video, we deliver perfect result.

One more thing, what if the DAT file is 0 Byte? For 0 byte file, it is more complicated, 0 byte means an empty file which cannot be fixed if we only receive the 0 byte file. Here is the solution we provide for 0 byte DAT, to extract raw data from the SD card then to convert it. It can be done if there are not too many videos recorded after the DAT file.

Richard Recovery is good at in Video Raw Data Convert and Video Data Recovery, we have experience on Video RAW file, such as Canon DAT, SONY RSV and Panasonic MDT. Please contact us if you are facing DAT file issue.